I found Jacob through another contractor. Once I told the contractor I was looking for someone, he left and Jake called me in less than 10 minutes. One might think that's because he wanted the job, but that's actually Jake's style. He has very good contractor skills. The electrical and carpentry work he did for me is flawless (I know the difference b/w bad, good, and very good), but what makes Jake stand out from most everyone else is his communication style. Direct and consistent. How strange it is to not have to hunt down a contractor. He returns calls or emails faster than anyone I've ever worked with in his profession. There are a number of very skilled contractors (and a lot of bad ones), but finding an adult who can have a healthy relationship is a rare find in this profession. I don't know why and now that I know Jake...I don't care. It's great to have the whole package in one person.

Bob C - Oakland, CA

Jake worked with us on an extensive remodel. The result is very high quality and the cost was reasonable. Jake's eye for detail is extraordinary. After months of living in the home, we still marvel at how well the tile came together, the functionality of the kitchen and the details in the floors. He's also a great guy to work with. Excellent communication and no hassle.

Greg S - Mill Valley, CA

Rarely do you find a builder with such integrity coupled with such an excellent eye for quality and design. Working with Jacob Bonds is a delight. When he says something will be done, it will be done, done well and done on time. Jacob Bonds is also an excellent problem solver. Any remodel will present its own unique challenges. For this builder there is always a creative and elegant solution to a challenge. My property is older and has many unusual features. To work with it requires understanding how to simplify and at the same time preserve its beautiful uniqueness. I would not trust my work to anyone else.

Alison S - Mill Valley, CA

I was lucky enough to have Jake working with me on an extensive remodel of a 1950s ranch style house. Jake’s workmanship is excellent and he is extremely organized. He is also very creative and no design aspect dreamed up by the architect was too challenging. I watched him teach on the job and could see that he does that well also. It is no wonder his crew will do anything to help him please his clients. But Jake’s greatest asset is his ability to really listen to what his clients want. When others on the project did not or could not “hear” me, Jake did. As a result there are several things in my home that will make me smile every time I use them. I would not even have them if Jake had not been part of the team.

Kathleen McEligot - San Rafael, CA

Reliability, thoroughness, timeliness and attentiveness to detail are qualities expected and hoped for in a General Contractor. Jake Bonds exemplifies these and does so in way that allows others to enjoy the process. Jake is thoughtful, intentional and gregarious by nature and this makes communication with him easy and efficient. Jake is a skilled craftsman whose diverse and unique background experiences inform his careful and intelligent decision making. I would gladly recommend him to any of our clients as I know his passion for construction and unique perspective and skill set will drive a successful process and project.

Chris Lagos – San Francisco, CA

Simply the best-run jobsite in the North Bay


Jake remodeled our kitchen a while ago. The job was done in a very professional manner. We are very pleased with the workmanship. Jake stayed within budget and was always on time. He went beyond by helping me when I screwed up on a water valve. A few days ago we had a leak in our plumbing and Jake came on very short notice. I recommend him very highly.

Frank Schueller