About Us

At Jacob A Bonds Quality Builders we have handled commercial and residential projects on many scales. We know what your project needs no matter what size it is. Our goal is to maintain the highest and most informative level of communication throughout the project to keep your clients informed and comfortable with the process. We constantly value engineer the project to achieve the finest results while maintaining reasonable prices.

We don’t inherit the earth from our ancestors…we borrow it from our children.

 This carries many meanings to us... 

  • Exercising practices of recycling and repurposing whenever we can to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • Educating our clients on new and less impactful products
  • Developing an apprentice program to ensure that true craftsmen skills are not lost.

Those are a few…

But the deepest meaning of this for us as craftsmen is building things as best we can so that they last and all of our children and their children’s children can enjoy them.

I do my best to listen to what my clients' needs and wishes are and match those to the available budget. I value engineer throughout the project and give my clients options on how and where to best invest in their project. I work with my employees and carefully selected subcontractors on every project, ensuring the best value and quality. I am fortunate to have found a career that satisfies my creative spirit. I enjoy every phase of the construction process—from the beginnings of the idea and design, drawing the concepts, communicating with my clients, planning the most valuable and effective approach to every project, and the hands-on tangible satisfaction of creating to applying the final touches that bring the project together. I have been in the building business for over 20 years.

My passion for building started in high school shop classes. Shortly after high school I became a laborer on a framing crew. At 22 I apprenticed for an amazing tile and stone setter. At 24 I began working for a designer building custom homes, commercial interiors, trade show exhibits and boats. At 35 I left the trades for a few years and earned my Real Estate Broker’s License. After a few successful years in the Real Estate market I began to realize how much I missed working with my hands. I earned my General Contractor’s License and have been bringing the skills I have developed in the trades and the customer service and communication skills that I learned in the Real Estate marketplace to my clients for years. Thank you for your time in considering me for your project.